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By trying to please everyone, Fallout 76 manages to please someone

Fans very well qualified

Can we write this final article, whether Fallout 76 has become entangled in public for being too much wrong?

Huge, huge, seemingly empty world to play

Lack of human NPC by pressing the tradition of fallout branches like Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

Behind the dead body of thousands of years listening to voice recordings after reading most of the "single player" game or reading the letters.

Doddy Shooting Mechanics

Infinite Game-breaker Bugs and Glitches

The fact is that the game is not so much fun to just play

But, instead, we want to discuss how the Fallout 76 represents the concept of chasing popularity and how to fight in gaming it should never be pursued, but created.

To be fair, the creators of Fallout 76 need to make some admiration for trying to do something different from their expectations.

Fallouts 3, New Vegas and 4 were all copies of each other, gradually improving the graphics, so trying to go on open-world crafting routes (such as minecraft with rocket launchers) is minimal.

However, they have regularly tried to defeat the game of your own-pace-like-game-like-game-like-game-like-game-game, in contrast to the fallout game, which is usually frightened to run away from things. Who are trying to eat your face.

The friction between these two inconsistent styles of the game allows us to fall out without a good plot, and it has a crater with a very strange fallout material.

By trying to do a lot of things, Fallout 76 makes any arrangements to work particularly well.

Perhaps due to this poor failure, Developers Bethesda will take stock of what they usually do really well and instead will further improve it.

Obviously, the creators of the games are building some big titles – Black Ops 4 and Star Wars Battlefield and the first Titanfall are immediately noticed – completely away from single-player gaming

Multi-player will always be popular, so Fortnight and overwatch and PUGB are big enough, but it should not be enough to do single-player discarding. If you want to make a great multi-player game, do it perfectly. But do not sacrifice what was once the attractive single-player game in return for achieving those goals.

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