Tuesday , January 19 2021

Car near to Bordertown, Car Towing Caravan clashes, woman dies!

On Sunday, a woman was killed and a man was seriously injured in an accident between a truck and a car near a nearby bordetown.

The tragedy took place at 3 o'clock at Narcort Rd south of Bordertown south on the south coast.

When they collided, both cars and trucks were traveling south towards RDR Naracoort. Both vehicles left the road.

A passenger of cars, a 74-year-old woman, died on the scene while the driver of the 77-year-old NSW driver was fired in a crisis. Helicopters in hospital in Adelaide are not serious but deadly injuries.

Naracort's truck driver, 61, was taken to Bordertown Hospital with minor injuries and shock.

Narcot has blocked RD on all the traffic, in which vehicles surrounding the scene are moved to the vehicle by the Raven Road and the Rydok Highway. Major Crash police investigated the circumstances of the crash.

RA Traffic Engineer Matthew Vertudes said that the cause of the crash is not known yet, motorists have faced more risks than other drivers towing towels.

"Vehicle performance characteristics are very different when carrying carvans with braking, acceleration and all affected corners," he said.

"It is necessary to pay more attention than traveling on a direct road due to the impact of cross wind on the rug."

Mr Verdesch said that RAAA has provided safety courses to provide practical lessons and advice for Towing Carvans.

This year, the woman's death on the South Australian road is the third. Last year's road toll was one at a time.

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