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Cardiac events, stroke leads to work loss, reduces working age of working age

People who have experienced heart attack (stroke or cardiac arrest), stroke or cardiac arrest, are significantly less working than healthy people, and if they work, the average income is low, in which the published study is found. CMAG (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the most common causes of death worldwide, resulting in hospital admissions, handicap and income loss. For example, a heart attack aged 65 years old, 25% of strokes and 40% cardiac arrest.

Current studies evaluate the impact of this condition on the labor market and compare people between the ages of 40 to 61 who worked with controls that did not experience stroke or cardiac events before their event. In order to reject the effects of temporary labor market due to health problems, researchers looked after three years of initial event.

Medicine and Community Health Sciences Co No Professor Dr. Alan Garland says, "After three years of hospitalization for any of these health events, those who survived were working more closely with participants than matched and more damaged in annual earnings." – Read, Department of Critical Care Medicine, University of Manitoba and Physician, Winnipeg of the Health Science Center. "The loss in earnings was significant, with a decline of 8% to 31%. Even if people were able to work, their income was less than 5% to 20% in the third year after the event."

Stroke effects were highest, 23% for cardiac arrest and 31% decrease in 8% for severe myocardial infarction.

Dr. Garland says that "due to normal health events, there is social social engagement in unemployment and lost earnings, in which patients, families and governments, such as bankruptcy, health and lost productivity are worsened."

Getting employment is associated with well-being and life satisfaction. Researchers hope that this study will help people to develop interventions and policies while helping people to return to work, although more research is needed.

Cardiac arrest is associated with complications and death in PTSD in one year after the arrest

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