Friday , June 18 2021

Casual encounter of farmers with deadly snake farmers

If a snake is found on a beach, many people will run to the mountains, but the opposite of a beachguard in Fraser Island.

Last Tuesday, Dalby farmer Jack Hornney was found dead on an olive head snake in the sand of the sea.

His friends used phones to record the moment he landed through the sea tail by the sea tail.

Fetuges managed to catch the snake in one hand. Believe it is a huge northern barge of beer on a northern bank.

Harnick's idea of ​​what kind of living is a very small idea. But his intentions are good and he is trying to save the snake from nearby cars, he said.

"We were doing a fishing boat to catch fish, we looked up at the sand, we pulled back and took a photo and fell into the water," he said.

Goldcast Packer Catcher Tony Harrison said the species is very interesting.

Harrison recommends avoiding disputes with criminals in the ocean.

"Do not touch a snake, especially if you're your body," he said.

"Because you are slower, alcohol can disrupt your treatment."

Fortunately, the snake was relatively frustrated on land.

"They're like water from a stream in the valley," he said.

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