Friday , August 19 2022

China is apologizing to China after revealing the video networks


People living in The Peninsula Hotel in Beijing have announced that they will investigate an online video on Friday. It is alleged that using fake cleaners to remove cups and pumps. (AP Photo)

While using the Internet in a household work, bottles, quarries, bottles cooked in a bowl and bathroom on the back of the bathroom, Hilton, Marriott, Marriott and many other luxuries were handed over to the paddy fields.

A video 11 minutes long was shown on the social networking site Weibo. There were video footage showing clean staff working at Shangri La Asia and Hilton World Wide Holdings. This video gains 29 million views and has placed tens of thousands of comments and shares.

This video was posted by an activist blogger using the pen name "Huazong", writing that the problem spanned over a period of 2,000 nights in 147 hotels for six years.

A light bottle of light was checked by lighting their ID cards by displaying the CTVV video of the unit force in the Identification Authority.

Shop sites that feature camouflaged hotels in Chinese luxury hotels have every six months on social networks, says Shaon Reyn, founder of the Chinese Marketing Association. The shortage of workers and low wages is creating difficulties for workers to put pressure on employees to follow the rules. They can get jobs and get a job.

"They do not get good workers, people do not get so little," said Rein. "I'm shocked to think how three star hotels will look like."

Bulgaria Hotel, owned by Marriott International, said in Shanghai, Tuesday that the vice chancellery had apologized. There has been a similar apology from the Ritz-Carlton hotel. This will strengthen the Rule-Check Rules and help the Government to respond.

The video posted Wednesday, shows the housewife of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the shand. Spread the cups and bottles with a single sponge. The housemaid clears the toilet by taking the same sponge, according to the text shown on the video. Hotel Chand is in a statement posted on Weibo.

At a restaurant in Bulgaria, Shanghai, a worker may use a plastic cup of coffee from a waste store. A worker at Rits-Calton hotel in Shanghai is using a jelly in Shanghai to clean the cups of shampoo.

Drug administration officials searched the hotel last night in the hotel's Peninsula hotel in Beijing. Cleaner was found rather than standard. Cups have been sent to more checks, and a statement from the hotel and Weibo account says.

"The hotel will continue to take action to strengthen the standard procedures for room service personnel to ensure that all facilities are adhered to the level of penicillas", the statement says.

The activities at Shangri-La Hotel hotel in Fujౌ have violated its health standards and Park Hayat in Beijing said it was an isolated incident.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a statement urging all levels of the Cultural and Tourism Department to give priority to the supervision of tourism service standards.

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