Saturday , January 23 2021

Click the & # 39; Sell & # 39; Black Mirror on Benderschach Comics – but can not open the door in any shop …

London and Birmingham have watched new pop-up stores to promote in the new year Black Mirror: Bendersatch, New Netflix Interactive Version of the Streaming Scientific Anthology TV Show Charlie Brooker

Both locations will re-create the store from 1984, when the show will be set and very real release Bandersnatch Imagine the game was made for spectrum.

Tucker's NewsGent and Games mention the fictional version of Tuckersoft, the show's imagination … which shows that all the items on the display include Black Marrar comic books, which include a cover featuring scenes from the show's previous episodes.

BREAKWindows or walk away, dejected.

Now they can be empty in the inner part, a fully composed cover for display purposes. But without step inside the store, we will never really know. And the door stays closed. Does Black Mirror and Netfix have created complete comics books / magazines that will never be seen just for promotional gags? Perhaps under the cover, it's just the ones Nightmare World

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