Thursday , May 6 2021

Cyclone Owen: Townsville, north to QLD to get the rain

Sixtyon Owen continues the track towards Queensland, the northern parts receive more than 100 mm in the next week.

According to the latest track maps of the Bureau of Meteorology, this system will be downgraded to class 1 by 10 pm on Tuesday and then reach tropical lower level by 10 o'clock in the summer.

Meteorologist Dr. Adam Morgan said that the system may be weak in the coming days, but with all the cyclones, there are still relatively unpredictable.

Dr. Morgan said that we still hope that Owen will reach two intersperses in the next series in the night and then turn to the West.

"The system starts moving towards the coast of Queensland, so wind power in the upper atmosphere becomes slightly less favorable for the development of the cyclone, so we should weaken the oven on Tuesday and Wednesday below the cyclone strength."

Meanwhile, the weather service is making some suitable waterfall tips for the state in the next 10 days, with predictions of 120-130 mm rainfall between Ingham and Cardwell predicted.

Townsville has predicted a forecast of around 50 mm rain in the next half-a-half week, although it is based on the tornado's oven route, it can come near the coast.

Townville has moved to a local disaster management group warning.

Local Disaster Management Group Chairman Jenny Hilson said Townsville would be closely monitored near the weather forecast and pattern in the coming days.

"At this stage, the best expert advice suggests that Tronvensville is not a risk to Tropical Cyclone Owen," said CR Hill.

"However, Townsville's local disaster management group will closely monitor the situation because we all know that the cyclone may be unpredictable.

"We will update the community with any new relevant information such as we receive it."

Visit the Council's Emergency Management Dashboard for more information.

11 o'clock cyclone bulletin – Monday, December 3

10am Eighth Monday, Tropical Cyclone Owen, Category 1, with Central Push

995 HPA was located at 15.6 south latitude, on the North Coral Sea

East longitude 155.1 East, 1015 km from Willis Island East and 1010 km

East of Cairns

Tropical cyclone Owen is moving towards south-southeast during the last few days

Hours Owen is expected to be more intense and it is likely to reach Category 2

After today

The tropical cyclone Owen is expected to slowly and slowly turn towards west later tonight

Early Tuesday morning. It should start to become weak on Tuesday. Cyclone

It should be relatively slow, and it does not have immediate risk

Queensland coast. Until it gets weak then it should be well on the coast


4.45pm Cyclone Bulletin – Monday, December 3

4am Eve Monday, tropical cyclone oven, category 1, central pressure 995 hpi 15.2 south longitude 154.9 east latitude, located on the North Coral Sea, about 540 km east of the island of Willis Island. And is located 1000 km east of Cairns.

Tropical cyclone Owen is moving towards south-southeast during the last few hours. Owen is expected to be more intense and can reach Category 2 later.

Tropical cyclone Owen is expected to slowly and towards the west today or today towards the west. It should start to become weak on Tuesday.

Cyclone should be relatively slow, and there is no immediate risk to the Queensland coast.

It should stay well along the coast until it becomes weak in a week.

media_cameraHarry Bruce is surrounded by a cyclone and Bushfire disaster.

There are 527,000 hectares of land in Queensland, the news of rainfall will be reported in recent areas of tree storms.

Executive Prime Minister Michael McCormack praised the best efforts of firefighters and volunteers in the fire-prone areas.

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