Saturday , September 24 2022

Daniel Ricardo – Red Bull Formula 1 in F1 & # 39; Best Overtaker & # 39; Lost


The Red Bull Team's Chief Christian Horner believes the outgoing driver Daniel Ricardo is now the best overtaker in Formula 1.

To mark the last round of Riquiards for Red Bull before leaving Renault in Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the team had a guard honor for him since the team team went to the Garrett race from hospitality building.

Gradually gradually pay tribute to the heart on the radio slowly, with emphasis on seven wins and "good times".

Rica Burdo has developed a reputation as the F1's rugged racer at Red Bull, winning many of his wins through alternative strategies or areas of distress.

Horner admitted that it was ironical that the racing races were worrying while Red Bull was trying to determine who would replace Mark Webber, who retired with 2014.

When Horner asked Recordado about his departure message from Otosport, "he has enjoyed being in the team for the last five years."

"Since 2007 it has been with Red Bull, and it seems great to grow and evolve.

"Ironically, when we first replaced Mark Webber with whom he had to face the problem, there were Jean-Eric Vergen, there were Daniel Ricardo and Kimi Ricconn.

"And our biggest concern about Daniel was not his pace, although he was in Toro Rosa, we did not see him race wheel-to-wheel.

"And when he got in the Red Bull Racing car he has not done anything but has overtaken it, and has arguably become the best overtaker in the profession.

"He has made some fantastic races for us."

Records were backed by their junior single-seat carrier Red Bull, and initially brought them in F1 with HRT in mid-2011, before giving them two seasons in Torro Rossa.

He admitted to Abu Dhabi that Red Bull's family was very emotional, but it was a change that he felt because it needed "to go alone and make my own decision. I have tried to take this step." My best version "

Horner said that Ricardo is an ideal red ball driver.

"His personality is overwhelmingly right with the brand," he said.

"His power in the team is very popular, with him pace and Max [Verstappen], You will see only those evils that they woke – it's great. "

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