Thursday , May 6 2021

David Pocock officially married after the same-sex marriage laws in Australia

Emma and David Pokok, pictured in 2016, are officially married.

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Emma and David Pokok, pictured in 2016, are officially married.

David Pokok, ahead of Volalis, officially married his longtime partner Emma.

The pair were unofficially joined in 2010, but Pocak said that they will not sign an official paper until a same-sex marriage is legalized in Australia.

Late last year, Pocox made it official on Sunday at a very small ceremony.

The 30-year-old post had posted three photos on Twitter for the ceremony, which saw that the pair caught a tree under a tree, when a celebratory ceremony was completed.

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The final photo is titled "Marriage with my best friend", with a chili bun or what can they tell Eski?

Back in January, David Pococ said that at some point of time after the passing of the law, they will make a small ceremony.

"I think we got some work," said Poke laughing.

"Whatever we do, I'm sure it will be less important."

Pokok said that the 2010 decision was to take a personal stand.

"We talked about it. At that time a little ceremony was started with our family and friends in 2010, but decided that we do not want to sign anything that our friends can not do," Pokok said.

"It's a kind of personal attitude and we'll see what happens, we'll set something down. There is enough time for these things to be resolved.

"Now [same-sex marriage debate] Made, it's a good thing. I think everyone should be grateful to the activists and the LGBT people who created this. I think that he is moving forward towards our society better.

"There are many challenges, but there is hope [Australia] There will not be any slow down in many other major matters that have long been considered and discussed. "

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