Monday , March 20 2023

Four Australians presented Bayonic perspectives


During a clinical trial of a bionic eye in Melbourne, a vision force of four blind people was restored to Australia.

Retinitis pigmenta caused by accident, may have illuminated light and dark spots, but can not take a hand out of the trial for trial.

Bioconnection Vision Technologies says the materials surrounding patients can be detected in PCG Graces. Guide dogs provide an opportunity to navigate them without a cane or family support.

This successfully tested a patient's home in Australia successfully with a safe surgical approach using an ingredient in the retina.

Lee's researcher Associate Professor Penny Allen says that the game changes because there are no 4,000 Australian citizens affected by rheumatoid pigment or any way to solve or fix genetic variation.

"Our patients are between the ages of 30 and 60." Aam Aadmi Party leader said.

"We're really excited to see how they progress, they are very happy, it's the best of all."

The findings were conducted in the annual Royal Australian, New Zealand College of Ophthalmologist Scientific Meeting in Adelaide.

When you see other bayonet eyes in foreign markets, Professor Allen said, researchers have developed their own vision systems to make it easy and safe for Australian technology.

Beyonic eyes work through a camera that connects with a glance and transfers it to an external processing unit that is transferred to a bag or transferred to a belt.

This information is then sent to a device attached to the patient's skull, which leads to the implanted device in their eye, and is processed through the brain.

From surgery, the next stage of study, the students who are starting to take home from the lab.

First of all, they had to train for the courses that were not interrupted courses and other exams. After years of authenticity, click the & # 39; Reliable & # 39; Professor Alan told the study.

"We work with them to work out what we want to be at home, all the usual tasks we do.

"A patient washing, white color, a patient's greetings, and to navigate freely in some of the things in the home."

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