Monday , August 2 2021

Hamilton thinks that Merck has found a weak spot in 2019 – Formula 1

Improving the direction of changes in wing and badboards for 2019 has made a pretty big redesign for the teams and can shake the order.

Reflecting on a meeting with team employees in Abu Dhabi Friday to discuss plans for 2019, Hamilton says that if they retain their place on the front of the Mercedes Grid, they are recognizing the key areas of focus.

"On Friday, talking to just two people who are not here but are up to date with the car next year, we sit and talk this deeply and it's refreshing," he said.

"They are so smart, very intelligent and they think of the general person on a completely different wavelength.

"Ultimately, I want to make sure that, through our debriefs, they have not done anything wrong.

"For example, I know what I want to do in this car as fast as I can and I'm sure I will talk to them so that they can go and find and find that performance.

"For the next year's car, I have an idea that this new rule will change with a poor place, just as they do.

"[It is just about] Work closely, communicate and we all work together constantly, really raising each other and I think this year, if you look at the performance of the team at the race weekend, then our mechanics, our engineers, strategists, we & # 39; ; We all have raised our game. "

Rival Ferrari hopes that he can move forward in 2019 and Red Bull believes that a switch on Honda Power will help his influence, Hamilton is confident that Mercedes has the qualities needed to not come back.

"I trust; as long as Mercedes changes their attitude, they change their desire to win," he said.

"Some teams decide to vengeance of the main business venture and some businesses to venture and focus a little on the main goal.

"Unless they do this, I believe we can stay on the road and we will continue to fight on top.

"But Ferrari is doing an amazing job this year, so we can not take anything to approve, we have continued to keep Hammer down, as they will push."

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