Monday , January 18 2021

Ike's smart smart blinds can finally complete the whole lazy Sunday morning

IKEA is known for its less expensive furniture, but for the past few months, the company is expanding to the new market: including affordable, decent quality smart home gadgets, connected lights and outlets. Now, if the IKEA product pages are considered, the company is moving forward into the smart home's next sector: Cheap, Internet-controlled smart shades, by Zuzus is not funny.

To get started, the IKA is launching two models of Smart Blinds: Cadillage, a set of regular gray blinds that start for a small size of 99 Euro (about $ 113), and Firutur, which is 119 Euro (around $ 136). It's aggressively low prices, because most smart blind systems start somewhere in the range of 300 to 500 dollars.

The IKA is adopting a smart approach in smart colors: instead of having your home wired, there are shades that can be removable, rechargeable battery packs. The included remote will allow you to increase or decrease the shades.

The new color will be compatible with the Ike's trundfig smart lights and smart plugs, and it will work with the same app. More usefully, you can also control the shades with Alexa, Hostmaker and Google Helper. That means that my lazy weekend may finally be complete. Soon, I will be able to wake up, put my shades in that beautiful morning sun, listen to music, read a book, and still do not need to get out of bed.

IKA is also leveraging the fact that it has curtains for years and they already have it, so the new Smart Blinds will work with the current Vidgaon series of IKA series, which means that you can swap it for your current Boring curtains without much difficulty

The new blinds will be launched on February 2 in Germany based on leaked product pages. While there is no word yet for a comprehensive publication, the odds will sometimes hit some countries in the next week.

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