Saturday , January 23 2021

Jamila Jamille Wrongly Written by E!

This year the Golden Globes ceremony is only going on, but has already threatened to steal the show with a shameful red carpet mistake.

During the E! Rolling coverage of the entertainment channel of the red carpet, the actor Jamila Jamille falsely titled in the unknown Broadcast mix-up.

E! She is the title of Jamil as her sister Kamelih al-Jamil Good Place The character Tahani al-Jamil

This error seems to be as good as being true Good Place (Alert: buggy) Taha is constantly being flooded by her well-known sister Kamalah.

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So, one of the channel's caption writers has a great sense of humor or this has become a serious coincidence.

Not real blue-on or not, it does not seem to be seen by people watching the house – with Netflix, which are streams Good Place, Share a screenshot of the wrong caption on E-Twitter, which quickly went viral.

Jamile did not comment yet on commenting on the caption error, but before the red carpet he tweeted on "Golden Globes" at the "Taha Gear".

Good Place You also joked with fans that he tweeted "Camelah is shaking" on the red red carpet, and the Ini bug became even more entertaining.

The actor also received appreciation for her decision to wear jeans under her Monique Luhilar, who decided to do it because she was "cold-foking".

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