Monday , March 20 2023

Lamborghini Uruus ST-X Concept is a one-sided SVV.


Did not you think that this thing would only be to live in the street?


If your new Super SUV does not have a new racing series, make it from one to the other.

Lamborghini announced last week to create a racing series Lamborghini Ursus SV. But it will not be just a series of streaks of the street, just a new set of racing skies – that would have a car built for work.

Ureus ST-X Concept is the foundation of a new series in Lamborghini. It is basically an upgraded urus to be used for tracking Bose Its aggressive aerodynamics and the sound of the verde mantes pay. Air intruders have grown well for track cooling, and exhaust sports have grown into a unique hexagonal design. Central locking alloy wheels have been replaced by standard wheels.

In all rounds, the 25-percent decrease of the ST-X is due to the rusted version. That's derivative. It is estimated that the interior will be evaluated with the racing specific safety tools including steel roll cage, racing complex fuel tank and fire suppression system.

One thing that does not change in the ST-X concept is powertrain. The underlying version is 4.0-liter, double turbocharged V8. It is good for a 650 horsepower and a torque of 627 pounds. Considering that energy, Standard Ooras is running at just 3.6 seconds to just 62 mph in the low end of the car racing speed.

In the Lamborghini final series of 2019, Uruz ST-X Concept will make its track debut. But the entire series will not be abandoned until 2020, and will be visited by various FIA approved tracks across Europe and the Middle East.

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