Wednesday , January 20 2021

Like & # 39; Finding Sneezes: Relics Science known as the 100th-century Haguefish

Fossils of fossils of long-range ocean animals that lasted 100 years ago indicate that the last common ancestor of all millionaires is less like a Squeezee Eil and more commonly "fish-like", researchers claim.

They say that the fossilized, early hagfish discovered in Lebanon in eight years ago is a strange creature in which there are no jaws, eyes or true mosquitoes but supports the ability, when threatened, it extracted the mixture, the area of ​​which is slim

Hagfish are usually found on the bottom of the ocean, where they enter and feed on dead sea creatures. They have a shortage of bones, scientists say the ancient hagfish invention was surprising.


Modern Hagfish. Photograph: Tatsuo Miyasita / University of Chicago

Professor Philip Manning, chairman and chairman of Natural History at Manchester University, said, "It is rare to find pseudoscience sneeze."

Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team says that the analysis of fossils, including the chemical elements map, today shows many features seen in the hugfish – including slam grants.

In addition to being surprising in its own right, the creature of animals is named Tethiumoxin tiporostem, Or "slimy fish with a long tube scout from Teethas sea" – it can put a row among the experts about whether they can fit on the vertebrate evolutionary tree.

Some believe that the form of the hangfish suggests that similar living beings are close to the origin of the tree, such as lippy, armor-fed fish and other millionaires, such as purple creatures grew time. But there is a problem: Analysis of DNA with the Hufffish and Lamperis differ with this picture, instead it suggests that these species were developed from both ancient animals that were initially branded.

Manning told the Guardian that, "For many years, you do not match the data obtained from DNA that we saw in the record of bacteria." Without fresh remains, anger got over this talk. But now, Manning says that the condom appears to have been solved.

"There are some beautiful funky [characteristics] Which is present in the animal as early as possible, "he added," such symptoms – including slim glands and abnormal foodstuff – symptoms suggest a hugfish-type animal is not the last common ancestor of all millionaires.

Manning said that the branches gave birth to the Hufffish and Lampre, probably about 500 years ago. But it seems like the common ancestor of these creatures and all other millionaires is still something mysterious, although the team says that it was probably more "fish-like".

Manning says that "The ancestors, X, which exists somewhere, make it directly towards the hangfish and lamps, but they also develop lines of other biological fish and true fish and white matter."

It continues to hunt for the animal. Manning said, "The ancestors' museum will be hidden in the drawer or on the ground." "That's fun. That means that paleontologists still have to work."

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