Thursday , January 21 2021

Lyonzellam leaves federal politics, NSW will run in the election

"Most issues that really spoil me are Nanny's state and red-tape issues," said Mr. Leonhazel Herald.

Mr LeoneJellam said that he was eager to remove issues such as alcohol licensing, vaping, gambling, lock outs, and voluntary suicide laws.

"Cycle helmets are classic Nanny State Issues," he said.

"By telling people where they can smoke and can not smoke, and the restrictions that have increased for evaporation have also been surprising."

He said convenience of accommodation is a state issue because state governments control planning laws and attract more people who ride on a motorbike.

"If there are more motorbikes, there will be less cars and less densities on the road," said Mr Leone Gellayem.

It will also target the use of speed limit and cannabis.

NSWs Mr Leonezellam's move in parliament also gives him a better chance of extending his political career.

The NSW is 4.5% of the elected quota votes in the upper house, which is significantly lower than the Senate, but it will still be a challenge to win the meeting for Mr Leonzellam.

"People think that all procedures are in the federal parliament as it gets all the major news and attention, but I realize that real power is with the states."

"I'm not about pride, I want results."

As a leader of NSW with Mr Latham, a nation is expected to pick at least the upper house of seats in March, while shooters, fisheries and farmers are expected to get two seats.

Other conservative parties, including Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives, can also win the seat, while the Greens seat will lose.

"We do not worry too much about the choices, because we think we will be elected on the first choices," Mr Leyonhjelm said.

"If we do not increase our vote two years ago, we will also be elected."

Alexandra Smith is the state political editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

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