Thursday , March 4 2021

Migration Aurel Video Great Barrier Reef in Great Sea Turtle

It is remarkable that thousands of green turtles show up on their Great Barrier Reef for their annual mass migration.

The depiction of photographer Christian Miller's photo shows several towers near Rhine Island. There are coral reefs with reddish outer layers, and the largest green turtle in the world is the habitat for the nest ground.

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Nest is 70% of the world's greenery population.

It is a unique experience to witness, "Miller said.

"They are hanged during the day and come close to their favorite beachfront," he said.

"In most dawns, in the early morning, going to the beach rises up for a long and tiring process, eventually flowing 100 eggs and digging a hole."

The celebration of tourism industry is especially impressive. Every summer, thousands of people come to Manpozhi near Bundaburg.

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