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Morgan Stanley raised the price of Marsh and McLenan Companies (NYSE: MMC) to $ 93.00

Marsh and McLenan Companies (NYSE: MMC) Morgan Stanley's equity researchers increased the intent of $ 90.00 to $ 93.00 in a research report given to clients and investors on Wednesday, November 14. Currently the brokerage has a "hold" rating on the share of financial services providers. Morgan Stanley's target value suggests a potential increase of 9.59% from the previous block of the company.

MMC is the subject of many other reports. Zax Investments Research cuts martial and McLeanan companies "sales" ratings on a "grip" rating on Thursday, September 27 in a report. Wells Fargo and Company confirmed the "sale" rating on the shares of Marsh and McLennan companies in a report on Monday, October 8. Credit Suisse Group Tuesday, August 7, in a report, Coverage was taken on the Marsh and McLenan Companies. They set a "neutral" rating for the company and a target of $ 86.00. UBS Group reduced its price target from $ 92.00 to $ 87.00 on Marsh and McLennan companies and set a "neutral" rating for the company on Monday, October 15, 2014. Finally, Raymond James mauls Mars and McLennan companies into "Underperform" rating with a "Outperform" rating in a report on Tuesday and on Tuesday, 25 September. An analyst rated the stock with stock ratings, gave a hold hold of the rating, and four gave the buyer a buy rate. Marsh and McLeanan companies currently hold the average "hold" and average target price of $ 92.91.

During trading hours on Wednesday, shares of the Marsh and McLennan Company fell to $ 0.38, which was $ 84.86. The average volume of shares was trading volume of 685,349 shares compared to 1,771,649. Marsh and McLenan companies are worth $ 77.11 in fifty-two weeks and the price of two-two weeks is $ 89.30. The current proportion of the company's 1.26, the current ratio of 1.26 and the debt-to-equity ratio of 0.73. The stock has a market cap of $ 42.94 billion, a price-to-earning ratio of 21.65, a price-earning ratio of 1.48 and a bet of 0.78.

Last month, on March 25, Marsh and McLenan Companies (NYSE: MMC) released its earnings results. Financial Services Provider reported a $ 0.78 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, which is at the peak of $ 0.75 from $ 0.01, the consensus estimate of Zax. Marsh and McLenan companies had a return on equity of 28.72% and a net margin of 10.23%. In comparison to the expectations of analysts of $ 3.45 billion, this was $ 3.50 billion in revenues. On average, analysts expect that Marsh and McLenan companies will post 4.29 earnings per share for the current fiscal.

In other news, SVP E Scott Gilbert sold 80,646 shares of the firm's shares in the transaction on Wednesday, 29 August. The total value was sold at an average price of $ 8,825,877.44 at $ 84.64. After the transaction, senior vice president now holds 123,843 shares in the company, worth approximately $ 10,482,071.52. The deal was disclosed in the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which can be used by the SEC website. 1.16% of shares currently own the members within the company.

Large investors have recently bought and sold shares of the company. Legion Putase Investment Council LLC has achieved a new defeat in the Marsh and McLenan companies for the second quarter at a price of $ 100,000. SRS Capital Advisors Inc. Marsh and McLenan companies increased their stake in the second quarter by 3,497.1%. SRS Capital Advisor Inc. Now after buying additional 1,189 shares during this period, there are 1,223 shares of the financial services provider's shares at a price of $ 100,000. Keisan Advisory LLC raised its stake in Marsh & McLennan companies to 152.0% during the second quarter. Keisan Advisory LLC has 1,245 shares of the financial services provider's shares of $ 102,000 after purchasing an additional 751 shares during this period. Sun Life Financial Equity increased its stake in Marsh & McLennan companies by 619.9% ​​during the second quarter. Sun Life Financial Inc. has 1,375 shares of the financial services provider's shares of $ 113,000 after purchasing additional 1,184 shares during this period. Eventually, Stalck Advisory Services LLC bought a new stake in Martial and McLennan companies for $ 118,000 in the third quarter. Institutional investors and hedge funds hold 86.72% of the company's shares.

Marsh and McLenan Company Company Profile

Marsh & McLenan Companies, Inc., a professional services company, offers advice and solutions to the world's risk, strategies and areas around the world. It works in two parts, risk and insurance services, and consulting. Risk and Insurance Services Sector offers risk management services such as risk management, risk transfer, and risk control and mitigation solutions, as well as insurance, refinance broking, disaster and financial modeling and related advisory services.

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