Thursday , May 6 2021

NASA's recent Mars Craft Land for an unprecedented earthquake mission – International News

Israeli scientists take part in an imitation experiment for Mars

Israeli scientists participate in an experiment in making Mars a mission in Israel's Space Agency, D-Mars diesel Mars Analog Remmon Station Project near Israel's Mitzpah Raman.
(Photo credit: Ronen Zoolun / Reuters)


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Pasadena, California – NASA's Mars Lander Inseat touched the surface of Red Planet on Monday to launch its first two-year mission as the first spacecraft to explore the world's deeper internal exploration.

A Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers near Los Angeles said that successful landing was confirmed by signals connected to Earth from one of two miniature satellites launched with Insight, and when Mars returned, it was 3pm. East.

Members of the mission control team got trapped in strength and were excited for relief because they showed that the spacecraft survived its dangerous species on the Martin surface.

After launching from California in May, landing took 301 million miles (548 million kilometers) of travel from the earth to six months' journey.

Carrying out the planets to detect planetary heat and geometric rumbles is not a measure of anything other than Earth, a stable stainer strikes at a thin Martin atmosphere at 12,300 miles (19,795 kilometers) every hour.

Its 77-mile lineage was slowed by atmospheric friction, and a large parachute and retro rockets were thrown out, the three-legged spacecraft led to a hard landing after six miles. Close to the equator of the planet, Insight rested, according to plan in the middle of a large, descent of the Elysium Planitia.

Insight will pass 24 months – roughly one Martian year – Earth will record earthquakes and temperature reading to unlock the secrets of how Mars was created and help explain Earth's origins and other rocky planets in the inner Solar System.

Before a disk-shaped solar panel wings like a wings and will provide power to the spacecraft, the stationary probe will be programmed for 16 minutes to settle around its landing site.

After the landing, the JPL controllers got an overview of the new surroundings of Martian soil investigation.

880 pounds (360 kilograms) Insight – Its name is short for internal research using Seismic Inspection, GOd and Heat Transport – Marking the Mars mission launched from the 21st USA by dating the 1960s Mariner Fly-bys. About two dozen other mission missions have been sent from other nations.

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