Saturday , January 16 2021

National Transportation Organization called for road rules around mobile phones

Is the back of the wheel while drivers can touch their mobile phone or smart watch?

Victoria drivers are currently allowed to do this, if the device is in captivity, the car is mounted on the dash.

Director of Productivity, Safety and Environment, National Transport Commission Mandy Meas told Tom Elliott that the commission is reviewing the three-way rules that relate to driver interference.

"It's called a fair control, but it's really broad, it does not really tell the community what they can or can not do to gain proper control."

"So it's a bit unclear."

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"If the National Transport Commission gets the route, phones in the crab can be banned," said Tom.

"And it's something that will be raised in the taxi industry and ire arms.

"I do not think they can call without pedals."

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