Wednesday , May 18 2022

New calls for Queensland Queensland search


A kayaker's relief work and another big shawl's view of Sunshine Coast in Queensland has raised new opposition to parliamentary inquiry.

A four-meter tiger pulled off from Cafe on Thursday morning. Then the drinking was broken.

A 30-year-old boy is a fisherman who was thrown into the water. He climbed on one side to find the shark with his cloth.

He seized the handwriting of his manuscript and allowed him to step out. But he was in a dangerous position. Take kayak water and shark surgeon.

Residents believe that he lived only to tell his story, because he can contact the coastal reserve through the radio.

"There was a trunk in the sea and in fishing, but in fact it was pulled out of a blue color that was attacking his kayak, which pulled out," said Jacob Thomson, who escaped from Survey Life Savings Queen's Queensland.

"It is still in the shawl, but it was lying upside down, but tried to flip it out and sometimes went to the shark.

"It started to sink, there was only a small pocket air, and we continue to use the shortcut until we reach there."

The two jet skirts were blocked for 45 minutes.

He was undergoing a paramedical surgery and his mistake.

The opposition is burning down the Opposition. There have been three disasters in Sid Harbor. One of these is dangerous and the need for investigation has been strengthened by politicians of the state's SAARC security program.

Although they tried to accept one or more of the parliament, the government wanted to attack the Sidhard hub and demanded quotes for research institutions.

Minister for Agricultural and Industrial Development and Fisheries Mark Fernander asked for the reasons why this happened in September this year and two non-white accidents.

Firstly, new calls were made for the QueenslandSark inquiry

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