Friday , June 18 2021

Novak Djokovic raped by Alexander

Alexander Zouvev criticized Novak Djokovic for a tie-up in the ATP Finals season.

He played his 74th tour plate in the 21st German season. After winning the first innings of nine games, he scored 6-4, 6-1.

"The problem is that our season is too long, but that's the problem, but I've said before," The winners of 55 matches are more than any other player in this team.

"We play 11 months a year, it's ridiculous, and other professional sportsmen do not."

Joachim and the former Yevgeny Kafalnikov are weighing on this subject. Kabelnikov expressed the attitude of Suu Kyi. The problems he has encountered are not different from those of his predecessors.

The Davis Cup tournament, designed by the International Tennis Federation, has led to worrisome schedules. Competitions will be held after a week's competition to be played by 18 national teams. It will start in November next year.

Suarev said this week he is not going to be a representative of Germany. That's very hard. "The Davis Cup has some serious problems to think about, one of whom is the date," he said.

"I think this date is very important and not all players except Rafa (Nadal) will play because it's in Spain."

Suuve said he would participate in the ATP World Tour Cup in January 2020. The match will take place in the new Davis Cup form.

Joao talked after João Vicci after his victory. The two match tournaments, based on the same basics that are related to each other, do not play well for sportsmen.

The Davis Cup, the World Cup cup situation is well-known, said Djokovic. "Let's find ourselves in certain special circumstances and circumstances that we have to face now.

"In the next two years two events occur simultaneously, or within six weeks, I do not think it's best for sport.

"I think it's not sustainable, we have two average programs, so I think a single event will create a great scene.

"I have spoken to people from all walks of life, and this is a different part of this sport because it is full of all the different cups and programs.

"We should strive to focus on quantity and quality."

Suarez, who is widely regarded as a Grand Slam champion, has not yet won the quarter-finals but has scored four goals.

The clay in Madrid has won three Masters titles, including this year.

Suarez was removed from the eight-time Grand Slam champion Ivan Lendl to the next level. Djokovic believes that the dividend will be given.

Djokovic said the fans were waiting patiently in trying to make their progress on sports events such as Croatian Barnea Karik, Greece's Stephenos Cipipus.

"I know they'd hurt you a bit," he said. "I think the new generation has many advantages, and the next generation is Suarev, who proved himself.

"Lendell is one of the biggest legends in our sporting world, which is very valuable in your box as your tennis coach, and he's definitely on the way."

Sehwag bowler lost his last season against senior berth. Jenener will be stronger than Waruarak.

"To play here, I have a group group and we'll see how it goes," said Marie Zuerv to open his round robin game to win over Silen. I think it's a normal quarter-final tournament in a regular tournament.

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