Sunday , March 26 2023

NSW Look for a missing swimmer in Looks


A man is being searched by police after he wrongly reported that he had been missing a swimmer on the NSW south coast, who has been asked a large-scale search operation.

He received emergency services Wednesday evening after he was found to have run after a pond at Gillards Beach in Mimosa Rocks National Park, near Tathara.

The alarm was raised by a man who said he was the missing swimmer's twin brother and found his belongings on the beach.

The search, which involved Marine Command, SES, Paramedics, Surf Rescue NSW and POLYER, continued until Friday but was called when officers learned it was a hoax.

NSW Police said in a statement Saturday that the inquest reported that the report was false, and that there was no missing.

Authorities are now investigating and want to talk to a 42-year-old about "misrepresenting the police."

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