Friday , January 15 2021

Peeta Kredelin can run for Mali's seat

A few years ago, Petra Kredelin was seen as one of the nation's most charming and powerful women.

The head of staff under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was known for his tough and unbearable leadership style. From 2013 to 2015, before Mr Abbott broke through Milk Turnbull, she ran a tight ship.

She has since been on a political commentary with a regular newspaper column and TV slot, but the speculation that Ms Kredelin can run for Mallyley's new vacant federal seat is growing in the last few weeks.

Following the announcement of members of the nationals Andrew Broad, after the infamous "sugar daddy" dating scandal, he has been left to capture the Northern Victorian seat after he does not contest.

Now Ms Kredelin is said to postpone its options. According to Australian financial review, The conservative Sky News commentator is waiting for Mali to decide who will be his opponent before deciding whether to run for the meeting.

And some feel that he gets what he takes.

Who is Pet Crawdlin?

Ms Cradleen was born in Valeprofuf, a small rural town in the Melli constituency. She was one of the top students with the most prevalent talk skills.

After studying law at Melbourne University, he took a job with Liberal Senator or Patterson and quickly developed expert knowledge of the work of Parliament.

She had emerged from the party ranks and went on to serve as a senior advisor for three subsequent Liberal leaders: Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott. It is unusual for the staff to hang on top of the staff after the shelter, so MS Cradle has attracted the unfinished moniker of "The Cakeshot".

During the joint president's successful run for the government in 2013, he was Mr Abbott's most senior assistant, and was known as the head of staff's highest profile in the history of federal parliament.

During the Abbot Year, M. Kredelin has a reputation for being rude, inconsistent and endangered. When he came to power in 2013, Mr Abbott described her as "the most rigid and aggressive political warrior with whom I have ever worked".

After the leadership move in 2015, Mr Cratlin was removed from the top news, MS Kredelin became Sky News TV contributor and started co-hosting weekly prime time program. Cradleen and Canlee In November 2016 She also writes a regular column for News Corp's newspaper.

& # 39; She & # 39; Wins and PM will become a & # 39;

Some Liberals believe that Ms Kredelin's high profile and orthodox politics can help her tap into the rural sentiment.

At the same time, dominated nations see them as a threat, which can threaten the already poor position of the party in this field. Afr.

MS Kredelin is a well known conservative on many issues.

For example, in the 2017 News Corp column, "Climate Change Xiets Need to Be Real", she protested against advocates for climate change procedures.

She wrote that "the scientific fact or not, any issue that extends from the left to the point of the history of the Historia makes me skeptical that it is something else about politics."

"For many years, we have been told that we should bear the loss of international standing due to a reduction in global emissions or failing to beat us. I have never bought this and never have. We are the only quarrels that take these things seriously, while many people Do not. "

Russell Lamitina, chairman of the Mulundura branch of the Liberal Party, suggested that M. Kredelin will definitely take a fight.

"It's really another matter whether it is taken seriously, unless it really says that it wants to do it and until the head office closes it" Sunrisia Daily.

"I'm not sure whether he is a member of the party or not, but nobody has ever stopped him.

"Nobody has tried to get in touch with him because we do not know how to do it."

When Mr Abbott was created as the Prime Minister, he said. Credelli insisted that he would not run for politics. "I will not run for politics. She has been told about me for 16 years. I am not," she said.

"I want to move forward with my life and do something where I get my voice."

But it happened three years ago – and killed his career at its speed. Last month, a known identity within the NSW Liberal Party, John Riedik suggested that he would become the Prime Minister and that "Margaret Thatcher could be down under".

But others do not agree that she is ready to leave her sky pay, which will be more than $ 205,000 backbank in a year. New Delhi.

"I assume that there will be some speculation and he will run and enjoy it," one Liberal told this outlet.

"By saying this, sometimes the opportunity comes only once in politics, and you can not get them if you do not take them."

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