Thursday , January 21 2021

Ratings Agency: All-Time Height in Bitcoin Prices in 2019

Bitcoin price

The only independent rating agency in the U.S. has just made its most daring calls, which predicts that the price of Bitcoin will grow in 2019.

Twenty ratings predict that the cost of bitcoins will be lower than its previous all-time high US $ 20,000 within the next 12 months.

It is a huge call by the agency, which is in contrast to most other major ratings agencies, it is based on the income of individual investors – it covers companies that do not.

If the bitcoin was to make a new record high in 2019, it would need to carry around US $ 16,000 from today's price, but Weisz ratings Mathematician Juan Wallavarde said that history shows that it can happen.

Mr Vilawarde says, "By 2015, bitcoins had to face four bear markets with a reduction of 70% or more."

"Every time, the so-called" experts "wrote his death sentence. But every time, Bitcoin was restored to a new bull market and it provided an average benefit of 6,300% from bottom to top.

"Then, last year, we looked at bitcoin Fifth Major Bear Market And again, experts came out of wood and declared that "bitcoin has died."

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Weisz Ratings mathematician, Juan Vilavarde (left) and Weisz Ratings founder, Martin Weiss. (PC:

Mr Vilawar believes that the '2018 bear market' & # 39; weak hands & # 39; Have shaken.

"Meanwhile, the strongest dead loved ones have either strengthened or accumulated more bitcoins," he says.

"Distributed laser technology has continued to advance, as the first generation cryptography has made major progress in fixing known flaws.

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"In selected coins, dramatically and collectively adopted, the foundation was used for the new bull market.

"Result: In 2019, just as did the previous bear markets, the bitcoin will rise again and move on to new all-time heights."

Inside Post Other Boolean crypto predictions for Weisz Ratings Clients, 2019, have been predicted, including:

  • BitCoin will be used as a collection of value.
  • Altogether, the relative blurts will increase their previous all-time maximum 20-fold increase.
  • A favorite group of cryptosystems will compete to create a new type of Internet.
  • Another select group of cryptocutrences will interfere with the banking world.
  • BeatCon & # 39; I-Too & # 39; Coins will be removed.
  • The new coins will rocket in the top 10.

Boulish also about Bitcoin in Quinn CEO 2019

Co-Founder and CEO of Global Blockchain Company, Mike Sakyori, QUEEN, The same bitcoin has predicted for 2019.

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CEO and quoin, co-founder of Mike Chemori

In the final days of 2018, Mr Kamyorry was forced to blame for Bloomberg television that he believes that Bitcoin will trade in 2019.

Point to positive regulatory movements, industry consolidation and security token offering, he predicted new record high.

"I think by the end of next year, he will always cross the highest level," he said

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