Friday , August 19 2022

Responses to the contract delay Translation problems


Commerce Minister Simon Birmingham is the reason for delay in staying in Australia and Indonesia. The major agreements sign the dispute over the position of the Israeli embassy in Australia.

In the East Asia Summit held in Singapore last week, both countries decided to sign the agreement.

Senior Indonesian ministers publicly stated that the agreement would remain until the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem turns out to be the reason for the demolition of the world's most populous Muslim state.

But Separler Birmingham said the issues related to the Indonesian version of the agreement.

"There have been some translation issues in the past week, based on the terms of the words," he said on ABC TV on Sunday.

This is a contract that will benefit both countries because both countries agree and sign it.

After a meeting with Indonesian President Joko Vidado on Wednesday, Morrison will review the Embassy site before Christmas.

In the weeks before a by-election in Wonworth, he announced that 12 per cent of the Jews are Jewish.

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