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Robbie Farah breaks the silence on the West Coast Tigers Salary Cap scandal

Farah said, "It's painful, buddy." "I do not know why I am dragged into it. I am at a point where I am thinking of going away. I do not want to play. Things were good. I was back in the club in a good headship, but now it is another play. All the Robbie play again … "


Farah received a phone call from the NRL Integrity Unit earlier this month, which wants to give an interview about the ambassador agreement Paso, who made the first promise in 2015.

Paso said that it was offered to Farah as "goodwill gesture", which then talked badly with the coach. Jason Tyler. Farah was finally thrown out and he made a deal with Southern Sydney this year before making a spectacular return to Black and Gold Midway.

Farah has not paid one percent of this deal and, starting from the start of the business of his growing VIP sports, the 4-Seven will probably not start.

Anyway, it's "gobsmacked" about the restrictions on Pasco and his club.

Farah said, "I'm sorry for Justin." "It's a good man and he's rotated around this club. I and myself, when we unfolded drama with old coaches, undergoing some difficult times [Taylor]. But I have never questioned its integrity. To get it registered with all this, it's just absurd. When this was first discussed, it was only I had to rectify how I was treated. It was a show of goodwill. He saw how insulted I am and I feel that following me is the right thing to do.

Double blow: Justin Pasco has been canceled.

Double blow: Justin Pasco has been canceled.Credit:Aap

"I can not understand the magnitude of the penalty because it was public knowledge. You would have written about it [the ambassador role]. He wrote about one million journals. I am calling about it in the media. It was not something we could hide.

"It did not take anything entirely with my old playing contract or with my existing playing contract to return to Tigers. When I went to Rabitzhaw to pay my contract, there was no delayed payment or anything like that. It's not like them. [the Tigers] Tried to hide it


"It is something that I can not afford, I have not been paid one per cent. I have business interests which are outside of the foot so it may not be fertile. What happens then? The club has been penalized for something that exists I'm gobsmacked and I feel sad, I feel sad because of its assumptions, I do not mind what I feel, I know I have not done anything wrong, but my name is Kadavath It has been pulled out for some reason. "

Regarding the transaction of the NRL, it was suspected that Farah applied for salary cap relief after signing Farah with Southern people, based on Farh's "disruptive influence" in the club.

NRL first introduced that provision for compensation to clubs, which forced perennially bad boys in other clubs. Payments for players like Farah were not paid for the clubs, which were separated with the coach, which finally got fired.

Farah admitted that "he also gets saddened". "It's not good to hear and, in my opinion, I'm not influenced by the ex-coach. I was a former coach. I know why he did the club: he wants the biggest discount he wants. He was saving dollars because he had a million dollars There was more to pay, but it's not nice to hear. "

NRL sharks do not want to collapse

Every opportunity there will be back to the game within nine months of Passover. Shark Coach Shane FlanaganOn the other hand, NRL is not likely to cooperate again.

Forget about the danger of shaking down the shark, however, next month more sanctions will put the club under heavy financial stress when the paycheck inquiry is completed.

Not long on the law: Sharks seemed to do whatever they wanted under Stan Flanagan.

Not long on the law: Sharks seemed to do whatever they wanted under Stan Flanagan.Credit:Aap

ARL Commission's Chairman / Commercial Tweeter Peter Beatty Some Sharks feared the live merchandise outside of the fans when they announced that the extension was on agenda – at the same time, the Commission had decided to pen the club for $ 800,000 and derecord the coach.

NRL wants that Kronaula does not come to her face because she understands how popular she is. It was published by the overwhelming response of their 2016 premiereship.


Shire is very rugby league, baby, and she will never change and she will never die.

However, what comes next to Cranula, it is very important to guarantee their future. This is their last opportunity to get things after the mismanagement of the decades.

Under Flanagan, Sharks did what he did – even after closure of the peptides scandal. That level of shock can help in winning the Premiership, but in the end, they undo the club.

Is the answer to the trance barrett? They are interested and need a job, but many believe that they struggle very hard to separate themselves from the way they do in SIG Eagles.


Some people say that NRL has worked hard to crush Flanagan. Just few emails, it has been argued. It was actually more than 50, starting with their year-long suspension days for their role in the Peptides Saga. Integrity unit did not even look at phone records because it does not need to be done.

Some people closely associated with the club were thinking back to the club's 50th anniversary dinner last week this week.

Some of the players were talking on stage on stage, how Flanagan helped them in the club, some guests looked at each other and asked, "Um, was not it banned?"

He notes that he was NRL's chief executive Todd Greenberg Who named Flanagan as the half-century Sharks coach and gave his award.

Greenberg told Romney that "volumes speak about leadership."

Carne completes his match

Let's end up with a heartwarming story about this crazy old week Matey Jones& # 39; Best Man Speech at its Former Knights Teammate's Wedding Brian Carney, Who got married Rebecca Selby In a fort in the UK last weekend.

Jonas said: "Brian, as we know, his life has spent a fairly long and difficult time. Then one day he called me, with a lot of enthusiasm, he told me that he would eventually fulfill his love, a beautiful Yorkshire roses! Unfortunately he After relinquishing the local Gypsy leader, the relationship did not break, he made Brian's uncle more painful, but then Rebecca comes and I think he Feel very happy. "

Love: Not always the area of ​​war.

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