Saturday , January 23 2021

Stars staring at the first party by Golden Globes

Many stars were dumped by Hollywood patrons at a Golden Globes pre-party, where they were stripped of their official tickets.

On yesterday's W Magazine side, scamers were seen as security in Chattou Mormont Hotel in West Hollywood.

When the guests were waiting for a lift in the penthouse, the diversity reported a tall man in a black suit and a white shirt was seen that guests could give tickets before proceeding.

Then, when they arrived on the sixth floor, they were asked again by official security for their safety and "confusion came."

When someone went to investigate the man in the suit, he had already disappeared.

Keegan-Michael Key and Sarah Highland were one of the well-known names hosted by this plan.

Luckily, the Plus Side of the Star-Studded Event is easily recognizable to everybody and the guests were soon going inside.

The guest list includes Nicole Kidman, Alfonso Currôn, Tracy Alice Ross, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and Billy Porter.

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