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STEEM Sky's limit for WA students in search of a career in


It was a local amateur astronomy group that helped to keep Professor Harvey-Smith on the road where he is now; Master of Physics in Science Communication at NSW University, Professor of Practice in Science Communication, PhD in RadioStormomy and Astronomy and Honor in Astrophysics.

She writes and speaks about science throughout the country and is a performer of ABC's Stargazing Live, and has also worked on cut-edge projects including the $ 188 million Australian CSIRA Australian Kilometer Array Pathfinder Telescope in Mid-West of WA.

And now STEAM The ambassador of Australia's first woman wants young women to follow her passion in her career.

In July, Harvey-Smith, Professor Harvey-Smith, is visiting West Australia, "will encourage a stronger, more comprehensive STM sector to advance Australia's success in the coming decades."

She sees a great potential in the STEAM industry in Australia and with WA Women's Hall of Fame Industry Suzie Urbaniak, she talks about future opportunities for women leaders in Perth and Goldfield schools.

"I think it is very positive, we are taking action in Australia especially through STEM's superstars programs, which are a group of 60 female scientists funded by the government through media training and the next science will be communication. And to share their research with people across the country, "she said.

"There are so many loads and loads in the country where people can get real scientists and get more ideas about what science means, what is the meaning of STEM.

"Because it is not just people in the lab coats, they are not just people watching in the sky, they are much more than that."

Professor Harvey-Smith said that he is fortunate to study in this field that is easily related to students from all over the country – "People are always talking about astronomy as gateway science".

But it is important for the students to emphasize in their role of women in STEM Ambassador that the links of industry exist and their interests can be developed in professional careers.

"STEm skills are the skills for life, indeed, it can stay in a really good place in the new economy, technology is only developing so quickly," she said.

This tour, co-found by the Learning Foundation, cooks at Kent Street High School on July 1, before traveling to Essarance, Norseman and Cambalda, Coolgardi and Kalogorlie, Lancaster and Leonora.

Events are free, but bookings are required; Visit for information and eventbright to book a ticket.

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