Tuesday , February 7 2023

SunFade launches "Chicken Free Chicken" in call stores in Australia


It's chicken which is fooling everyone – but people are adopting it.

At first glance, this cult "Chicken Free Chicken" product is a "real" deal and it is so easy that the texture is almost as if it is not exactly the same, it is similar to chicken.

It cooks, experiences and tastes like chicken meat, but without animals – and New Zealanders can not get enough of it.

It is made from yellow peas using clean energy and is the only plant-based chicken product on the market, which continues to sell in New Zealand continuously after the resumption in 2017.

Shana Sukul Lee of Sunfed, who is in the brain of the famous product, told the news.com. Oisis can now experience all the wrong things after a weekend affects the production of shelves at the national level.

"It has more nutritional value than chicken; doubles the protein of chicken and the trunk of meat iron – which is pulled straight from the yellow peas, without compromising on the actual taste of chicken, MS Lee said.

After raising $ 10 million for the expansion of the Australian market, Lee said that he did not expect such an exceptional response to the production.

She said, "I did not expect this to happen when we first launched."

"I am not out there to preach here, what I am trying to empower consumers with, and in order to do that, I need to create a product that was already already better or better."

While the launch of chicken free chicken was made viral two years ago, with 12 million views, Lee knew that he was coming to something, though many people used to say that he was "stupid".

"If that product was not good, it would have been achieved like this," she said.

"People do not know what they want against them and now they have the right choice – & # 39; Do I buy animal chicken or sunfried chicken? & # 39;

When she asked for a description of "chicken", she simply said, "It's a clean, aromatic protein that is f ** or tastier".

"Just as the real hen has a long, fleshy fiber, it works just like the real thing: it cooks like chicken, has the same flavor and has the same texture."

Indeed, the software-programmer became an entrepreneur, did not know whether the product would succeed – but he knew there was a difference in the market.

"We are trying to solve mainstream customers – we are not vegan or vegetarian, but act as an alternative to people's choice for a pure source of protein."

"I see people reducing the consumption of meat when they eat more protein and that is the dilemma they are inside.

"The production of chickens has become very intense and there are many questions with it – and it is happening because there is no choice in the market."

Why drink a drink?

Recently, MS Lease, who talked to news.com.au, as part of the Vogue Codes Summit in Melbourne, said that he has gravitated the use of yellow peas because it is a high yield of protein that is extracted from such a small part.

"They are resuscitated, which means that you do not need more fertilizer. There is very little water used and it is drought-resistant."

Australian or New Zealand farmers do not grow lentils, MS Lee exports from Europe.

"The mechanics of creating a new industry is that you have to make the first demand – and that is what we do. Because once the demand goes up, you can go back and set up a supply chain.

"Now I can go to a farmer and say, I will grow some yellow peas, because there is still no demand."

The goal of MS Lee is to create a highly scalable regenerative protein company without which it can feed the world without it.

"For a very long time, we have been taught that when you scale a system, exploitation of resources is a natural part. The world is full of large corporation examples that are destroying the planet, including all animal protein companies. . "

"It's time to change this game. Sunfed is a high-scalable regenerative protein company

Can feed full word without damages. It will not use its scale to silence, and exploit; From

There is no power, strength, and power to add value or not. "

Using her background in the engineering, M. Lee Lees uses the intended hardware, her company has built more than five years to make "lentil, delicious flavorful meat".

"That animal has bonuses not to increase the risks associated with chicken meat and is free from animal bugs like antibiotics, hormones and campylobacter and salmonella," she said.

Recent Roy Morgan's report found that 2.5 million Australian people – 12.1 percent of the population – all over 2014, 2.2 million people eat "all or almost" vegetarian meals.

"Ultimately, people are just looking for a pure source of protein that they feel good, and that's our goal," said Lee Lee.

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