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Tale-all & # 39; Paper & # 39; Amanda Bynes on Past Drug Abuse and Breakdown in a Magazine Interview


Amanda Beyonce has been released from the Spotlight and Twitter for the last two years after the 2013 public breakdown. Child Actress started studying in Los Angeles's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2014, and has remained silent for four years. From its past, it is ready to talk about what happened in open, highly open details Paper Periodical

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Years ago, in her first major profile, Beyonce gave her time to use the material and how she helped hit it at the bottom of the rock, then got help. "I started smirking marijuana at the age of 16," she said. "Although everyone felt that I was a 'good girl', I smoked marijuana from that point. I am not addicted [then] And I did not abuse it. And I went out and was not partisan or was making a fool … Yet. "

"Then she proceeded to do Molly and Ecstasy," she said going further. "[I tried] Cocaine three times but I never did much more than cocaine. I never liked It was never my favorite medicine. "Adreal, however, it became something that she took too much." I definitely abused Adarel, "she told outlet.

She says she is high on marijuana and is looking at it Easy a She had to tweet from the exhibition that she retired from acting in 2010, she was one of the many events in the year, who publicly declared spiral. Beyonce admitted, "When I saw it, it was very high on marijuana, but for some reason it really started to impress me." "I do not know what that drug-induced psychology is, but it affects my mind differently on other people."

Byan's was honest about how those substances changed her and others' advice came into conflict. "For me, mixing marijuana and any other medication and sometimes drinking my brain was confusing," she said. "It really makes me a completely different person." I'm really a nice person. I never felt, talked or did what I did, and told people who hurt people on Twitter. There are gateway drugs and I will never ever have heroin Or anything like Math or something like that which you think is harmless, it can really affect you more harmful. Buyer Be careful because you can lose everything and ruin your life. "

Beyonce also explains about their plans to start acting again, the darkest moments in her career, and her recovery. Read the full profile here.

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