Sunday , May 16 2021

Tandem Skydew goes wrong: The video receives a strange accident

A woman and her skydiving instructor rarely fall in the U.S. Lucky to stay alive after being wrong in.

The Colorado Women's Rally Lelith's foot was confused with a drug parachute – soon after the initial free fall to stabilize SkyDiver, the crew released after landing on 14,000 feet from Las Vegas, immediately after landing.

The annoying video of a jumps shows that a woman tries to free herself while hitting her leg.

"We both were as calm as quiet and tried to take them out of my legs," she asked for the destruction of Middle Hawaii.

"I knocked my shoe in the process, then cut my legs to close the cord.

"The long story was short, it was very painful, because of pressure we could not spoil it by pulling both ways! We ended up pulling the reserve parachute."

MS Lilith said that during the incident they were hospitalized for "serious injuries".

"It was not a fault, only a strange accident," she said.

"We both are grateful for being alive."

Over 20,000 views of nearby death experience video.

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