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The funding fee for sponsoring federal delivery should be $ 712 million



November 07, 2018 14:33:07

The Commonwealth Council and the New South Wales government have taxed hundreds of dollars over taxes after the finance ministry failed to convince the finance ministry to provide large-scale subsidies to free schools.

Education minister Rob Stux has refused to start a new funding model. Funding for Catholic and Independent Schools will be $ 4.5 billion.

The $ 1.2 billion worth of "choice and cost of funding" to promote Catholic and low-cost schools, which will be lost under the new model.

After the decision to move "Newuse Equity Fund" to $ 712 million public schools today, Mr. Stoke and Gladys Bergkliani announced that the deal would sign an agreement with NSDL.

"In order to ensure that public schools are not a second class citizen, we have decided on this agreement that we have ensured that the Catholic and non-government schools in the federal fund have ensured that no student of a public school is behind it." Strocks said.

Berjiklian said the state government was trying to change the small format of the Commonwealth case.

"Our case was entrusted to the federal government, and we were not happy when the federal government decided to utilize funds, which is why we gave that extra doll in public schools," Berrijkalen said.

By the end of September, the federal government threatened to provide assistance to all government and non-government schools from 2019, if they refuse to coordinate in December.

In a letter to schools, Federal Education Minister Dan Tehran assures the state governments that "there will be deficiencies in the non-government sector to ensure that they do not face undue financial pressure".

This agreement has been stalled by the NSW opposition leader Luke Folly. The state government has been forced to sell New South public schools.

"Over the past two months, for all the corruption of Gladys Berejiklian and Rob Stokes, they overthrow the federal government that plunders billions of public schools over the next ten years," Foley said.

According to the Berogelianian, the state government will make $ 6.4 billion into public schools when the contract is 10 years of Ayurveda.



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