Thursday , June 8 2023

Vettel is very fast in the Brazilian's GP practice


Ferdin's Sebastian Vetel Mercedes was at the end of the training season for the Brazilian Grand Prix. McCann was knocked out by Australian Daniel Rickycardo at the fifth fastest haul.

Mercedes-Benz's rival Lewis Hamilton won his fifth title in Mexico last month. Germany's Formula One Championship will continue in another season.

The time of bettura is about half a speedier than last year's position. Place the Mercedes Boat in Intercity.

Hamilton scored 0.217 seconds. Boatas Third and Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen fourth.

There are also five times grid penalty within two red bulk turbo swaps of Max Verstop and Daniel Ricardo.

Ricardo replaced the turbocharger at his car's power unit and replaced the driver with the replacement of the driver's allowance.

The team principal Christian Horon said that the problem was the use of firefighters, including local Marshallers, as a consequence of Mexico's previous racing and the resort's retirement.

The Ferrari could not get a 13-point score, the Mercedes would remain at fifth position.

If that happens, Ferrari will have two pencil jokes and the war will continue to the last round of the Abu Dhabi.

He pulled out of the rear of his Mercedes and worked in the 15-minute mechanism of the Hamilton car.

A spokesman for a team identified a brutal pipeline attempt before returning to Hamilton.

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