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Why does cancer change the risk of heart failure as a major cause of death in US?


Hart Disease was the number one killer in America for a long time. But this week's new study has shown that the second major cause of death is the cancer-a typical period of time that the average person is usually debilitating.

However, we have been better off in preventing cardiovascular deaths and living longer because of the increase in cancer deaths.

Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center died between 2003 and 2015. Since 2003, they have seen a major cause of death each year at county-based level. In 2003, heart rate played a major role in 79 percent counting. But by 2015, it was only 59 percent counties.

Cancer was the leading cause of death in 21% count in 2003. But by 2015 it increased to 41%.

"We have been transformed into a major cause of death from heart attack to cancer," Latha Paliyappan said. CNN.

The findings of the group published in International Medicine on Monday are not particularly awesome.

Researchers from the Federal Responsible Agency (UK) who report on the annual death rate say that cancer is the main cause of death due to cancer by 2020. In 2016, 635,260 people are suffering from heart disease and 598,038 cancer patients).

This change enables more energy, especially in the death of heart disease, when compared to other diseases. For instance, according to a study conducted by Jamaat-e-Islami, the mortality rate in the national level from 1969 to 2013 decreased by 44%. But 68% of cardiovascular disease is especially high. Cancer death rate declined to 18 per cent during the same period.

This pattern is found in the current pattern. The death toll in the age group of 12 years has decreased by 28% since the age and sex of women. Cancer death rate declined to 16 per cent.

But in a county level, the Palaniyappan and the Sangh will find that this good news is not universal. Like many things in health, money plays a very important role. In counting counters with lower median income, fewer heart disease and cancers were affected from high-income counties. Heart rate was also the leading cause of death in low-income counties.

This gap has multiple reasons. One of the two main reasons for heart disease and cancer is smoking. One person is more likely to smoke. Low-income counties may be worse offensive and medical assistance, severely affecting people who are healthy or subject to serious heart problems.

Cancer, in the meantime, becomes more and more old, so the fact that people from high-income teens are beginning to die is indicating that they live longer.

Definitely certainly is a zero game if dead. We die a little longer, and the other will finish our work. But highlighting these socioeconomic inequalities, the team is making much effort to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live longer, regardless of their circumstances.

"We have to work hard in the low-income regions of the US, so they can see similar improvements in mortality," said the Polynyappan CNN. "The African-American population needs more concentration on cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention and treatment."

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