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Wrestling World Priscilla Kelly's Tampon Than worries more with Hulk Hogan's return

At the end of this week wrestling world had a fire, debated the morality of the controversial booking decision. No, we do not talk about WWE using the death of beloved personality Meaning of Jean Auckland As an excuse to improve their goal ahead of cleaning Hulk Hogan's Image We're talking about Priscilla Kelly Pulling bloody Tempons from his spikes and flutting it in the opponent's mouth.

This incident happened in the event of a sub-fight Pro Wrestling in December and is getting steam on social media:

High gear at the end of this week, in which there are some of the world's leading skillful figures such as weight Gail Kim:

Good All & # 39; Jim Ross:

And the WWE SmackDown Live Head Booker Road Dog:

Of course, there were some defenders in Kelly Rebei Hardy:

Human Sulex Machine, The Taj:

Violence researcher, Tommy Dreamer:

And penis-themed indie superstars Joey Ryan, Especially took the road road dog to work:

Road to ask for forgiveness Road Dog:

Oh, you do not know?

Of course, this is all happening in one industry, where is happening Mayo Young, The wrestling legend for which the WWE Tournament, which Kelly recently took part in, was named, she handled live TV:

The current WWE's executive and potentially the future head of the whole company, Booker, Triple H., Once followed a coffin to simulate sex with a corpse:

Where Vince McMahonThe owner of WWE made the Future Hall of Fameer Trish Stratus Come down on his hands and barks like knees and dogs:

We bring this to the past for not condemning the One True Sport for the crimes of the past. However, someone will be forced to defend, for example, something like this:

But just to show it, when it comes to getting it, there is absolutely nothing sacred in Pro Wrestling. It's been in the last few months in which we've just seen the dead Jim "The Evil" Nahhart Used in the conflict between his daughter, NataliaAgainst Riot Squad. It was just too much death by medicine a few years ago Reid Flare Was used by Peggy To promote a Survivor Series match against his sister, Charlotte Flair. Eddie Guerrero's death has often been used to get other wrestlers for more than a decade.

There is nothing new for the wrestling business that the wrestler also pulls something from his teats and pulling it in the opponent's mouth.

Like Kelly, she was pagan:

And more than happy to show impersonation:

Meanwhile, to bring this back to where we started, at the end of this week, one thing is talking about the WW7's announcement on Friday that Hulk Hogan would appear Raw On Monday, his friend Min Jean Oakland is called Goodbye, who died last week. Since 2015, the exile has been banished from WWE, based on Hogan's caste tape, nationalist gackers were awakened on conservative rent, funded by defensive Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel. Florida Radio Shock Jock Bubba The Love Sponge Wife. Here's what Hogan would say:

I do not know that Brooke is **** with the son of a black boy. I mean, I do not have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, at one point, **** in **** ers But then when nice people come and **** and whatever it is. […] I mean, if it was going to **** ****, I'd rather marry an 8-foot-long **** $ 100 million worth of value! Like a basketball player! I think we're all small racist. **** in **** AR.

But in 2018, WWE and Hogan started returning to Hogan's return, introducing Hogan to the premiere of HBO Andrey the GiantThe documentary and WWE promised that they would work with Hogan's ability to help them learn from their mistakes. Hogan, for his part, apologized for what he called "a few false words" and eventually relocated to the WWE Hall of Fame and then appeared in the WWE controversy. Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia. After the appearance, from which it has remained unclear how he helped inform anyone of his mistakes, Hogan again apologized, but this time, being very awake, brother.

Not really in the Wild West days of the trend era, but literally tomorrow. And one commentator said in our article on this topic two days ago:

Every other headline I've seen in reference to this upcoming event states that Hulk is coming to RAW to honor his friend Jean-Oakland's memory. But Jude Terror, H.H. for WWE This is the excuse to bring back P.

But the reason is that whoever uses "everyone else's head", because WWE has essentially pushed Hogan's return to the loved one's death. Mean something about Jean's memory? It's a movement move by WWE, and apparently one of the effective ones. And it's not less than expected.

In 2019, the Pro Wrestling profession was as similar to it as it was. Instead of women going to bark like their hands and knees and dogs, WWE instead starts singing praises for getting their own hands and barks like knees and dogs, hashtag # Women's Evolution.

Priscilla Kelly, continue what you are doing. The bloody tempons in the mouth, the crowd or the rigid way, are professional wrestling in its pure form. Eat your heart, Jim Cornet!

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