Monday , May 29 2023

26 people safe «


In Gründerzeithaus, Vienna-Döbling, after a domestic fire, 26 people were arrested on Saturday night, including a 14-day-old baby. To get the baby out of the smoke-filled building, he had an oxygen mask on his face.

The fire broke out at the Glatzgasse in the fire department at the ground floor of the house. When firefighters arrived, the apartment was already in fire, firefighter Christian Feiler said. Since the building has a typical Wilhelminian style tiled floor, the flames and above all the heavy smoke penetrated into the staircase. Some of the residents became safe through an air ladder, partly through the escape filter cover. According to the police, eight people took care of the rescue.

It was cleaned inside and out of the building with two tubes. The mission was completed at two and a half hours at 1.00 pm. Police spokeswoman Paul Eidenberger says the detectives are preparing for the fire incinerated candle.


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