Saturday , February 4 2023

A big step for self-confidence


Take me to the moon

Let me play among the stars

Let me see what is the spring

On guru and mars

"Century message" headline Courier 21 July, 50 years ago, and the message of that century was, indeed: the first humans landed on the moon. In his enthusiasm, it was said in a special report (not from the moon, but from it Houston), Astronauts did not wait for the moon module, but wanted to exit to "a small step for human, but a big for humanity".

Millions of television viewers around the world had followed the dream of true humanity – yes, it was also a century television event. Still on wobbly pictures, but was wobbly, by today's standards, the whole mission.

Chandra looks in front of the sky, because it is a long-term place for humanity. Roughly four times bigger than the surface EuropeBut with fewer residents Devoted and dedicated in the myths. In most cultures, feminine nouns (La Luna) are considered human but where we think we face the moon face (man in the moon). Just like Sinatra's world's weakest hit, Basung will "take me to the moon" – they landed astronauts accidentally.

We will cut the fingernails and Thujen according to the lunar calendar (well, not all of us). And we saw that people have become increasingly stupid on the full moon. Both, the sensitivity of the calendar and the moon, of course, according to scientific knowledge, is a pot. After all, science tells us that with the love of the moon, the moon and the tide, it leads to the birth of life and humanity.

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