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About the leading fall of China's Lane bike

06.01.2019 12.22

Online today, 12.22

Broken bicycle, crowded footpaths, depressed users: In China some years ago, two wheels started as a friendly mobility in the atmosphere, which is becoming economically catastrophic. The sharp competition among the rental companies in the People's Republic now threatens to throw the industry's leading off-track track.

For two years, orange, yellow and blue wheels have been found everywhere in China's metropolis. Offo and Moby were presented by two major providers in front of millions of office buildings and subway stations, always trying to get rid of their competitors. Mobibeque 2016 introduction in 2014

Alibaaba as an investor

For Mobiay's payments – of, however, is going bankrupt. When launched, the provider was able to persuade Chinese and foreign investors including the Internet's largest alibaaba. Recently, as of March last year, the OOA raised $ 850 million (about € 749 million) to expand international trade. In the meantime, the startup was worth more than $ 2 billion.

Scheduled recovery in millions of crores

But with its 20 million subscribers it is not running smoothly anymore. About 11 million customers are currently seeking their bail – the provider has been in trouble. He is being reclaimed about a billion yuan (about 127.7 million euros) bailout. Initially, 99 yuan had to be deposited at that time, during this time there were 199. Some have even deposited more money to pay for the use of cycles.

There is no secret to be in financial trouble. In a letter to employees, founder Die VA wrote in December that he was thinking of filing for bankruptcy.

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