Friday , May 7 2021

After announcement of job cuts: Bearer employees organized the demo

Leverkusen (APA / DPA) – A few days after the declaration of large-scale job loss in Germany's Beer Group employees, Waterspot wants to oppose. On Monday afternoon the Executive Council of the site with more than 3,000 employees demanded a demonstration train.

According to their own statements, they fear that the company will lose a known and important, latest job due to a job crisis. Workers Council chairman Michael Schmidt-Kies told the Germany Press Agency on Sunday that "there is a lot of embarrassment, but there is anger in the stomach." This demo has been organized shortly before the speech by CEO, which should be broadcast on all German places on Monday afternoon.

Birey announced on Thursday that a new manufacturing facility in Wuppertal, which has not yet started regular operations, should be phased out. It is about the production of a so-called factor-8-active substance, which is more than blood clotting. Because there are many competitive products in the market, Bearer wants to focus on production in a US location. According to the work council, approximately 350 highly specialized jobs in Wuppertal will disappear in the biotechnology sector in 2019. Originally, the Bearer Group announced an investment of around 500 million euros in this new operation.

Wuppertel works, the council leader has demanded that everyone should get an outlook for the affected person – and quickly, because he emphasized the context of the upcoming Christmas holidays. Factor 8 will not be stopped from closure of the plant. Apart from this, research and development in the coming years, there is a possibility of reduction in staff. Germany will lose 12,000 lost jobs in Germany, it is not clear yet. He noted that the dislocation was excluded by the end of 2025.

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