Monday , May 29 2023

Amazon is developing its range of Apple products


Seattle / Cooperino, California (APA / Reuters) – Amazon offers its Apple products. Just a few seconds before the Christmas business started, two US technology technicians agreed to develop their previously limited cooperation. The world's biggest online retail firm iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, the US, Europe, Japan, and India announced the sale of the latest versions.

Amazon has limited Apple products, like Mac computers and Headphones Beats brand. Apple's streaming speaker homepad is not included in the new offer. Amazon's online account is competing with the echo and voice service Alex.

Other US technically sophisticated names, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, are based on competitive tools and services. Amazon and Apple have now surpassed these differences. The sales are on the rise during the main retail season of this year. The new partnership shows that Amazon's market power is more important for leading brands like Apple and Nikki. It opts to distribute their products through online products.

Amazon is difficult to bridle the branded products. Additionally, from January 4, Amazon's third-Apple products will be removed from its offer, which does not authorize iPhone makers for sale. However, consumers should still be able to buy brand-free accessors such as headphones in the Internet department stores that are suitable for Apple devices.

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