Tuesday , August 16 2022

American Stock Reports: $ 1 trillion trumpet tax returns


A prize for tax repatriate shareholders: major American companies are buying more stocks because of tax reforms at President Donald Trump. According to an analysis by S & P Dow Jones, the stock exchanges reached the S & P 500 stock exchange index last year. Apple started the technology giant backup programs, such as Stock Market Show, Alfabet Stock Market Chart or Cisco Stock Market Chart, and used programs to keep their stock market values ​​artificially high.

So far, revenues of $ 194.1 billion have been announced so far in the third quarter. Although not all the interim reports are available, it's a new height. In the second quarter, he spent $ 190.62 billion. S & P Dow Jones Analyst Howard Sildblatt predicted current figures would exceed $ 200 billion.

Share buboks: Silence Course Care of Corporations

In the backdrop, especially the Congress endorsed by the Congress last year, They also resulted in high dividend payments of S & P 500 companies compared to last year.

His bid for his tax reform is in the tram stock stock exchanges. When the stock exchanges rose, the trump was praised many times when he came to power. In fact, his tax reforms are primarily intended for companies to gently repair a course and quote a high quotation. But in the next weeks, Dow Jones is under pressure.

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