Thursday , June 8 2023

Apple's asset is likely to hit the day's end


New YorkOn Monday, the stock market tied up with favorite Apple investors and dragged out Wall Street. New York's concerns have deteriorated from technology giants in California, the leading iPhone distributors.

Apple's shares fell by 5 per cent. Depositors fear that Apple has good times. The company had recently warned that there would be no chance of selling Christmas expectations in Wall Street.

The Dow Jones index dropped 2.3 per cent to close at 25,387 points. The spacious S & P 500 saw a 2% fall in sales to 2726 meters. Nasdaq's index of technology exchanges fell 2.8 percent. By the end of last week, US stock exchanges went down, especially for technology stocks.

Apple's enthusiasm for profit-making companies, which has taken responsibility for the technology behind the iPhone, has made a surprise on Apple. The company said that sales and profit targets could not be achieved a few days ago, according to a major customer order. Losses lost 30 per cent each.

The cigarette producers such as Aldria, Philip Morris, and other cigarettes went out – even if the apple distributor was not dramatic. Investors split from Marlboro, Benson, and Hedges manufacturers. Reports suggest that the ban on mantel cigarettes will soon be announced. Philip Morris shares fell by 1.4 per cent.

Euro / Dollar: Euros stay at 16-month low - the reasons for this

Euro / dollar

The eurozone stands at 16-month low – the reasons

The European single currency has been cut by the lowest dollar since June 2017. There are three reasons in the exchange rate.

Cappu had earlier promised to reduce the company's debt burden. "We will quit sales proposal in 2018," he said. "In the past one year, we may long for the additional revenue goals," CNBC said in an interview.

BlackBerry reported on Goldman Sachs, a stock exchanger. Malaysia wants to reimburse fees related to the Billion Dollar Business of the Multinational Financial Solution Fund. Goldman Sachs shares fall by 7.5%

The withdrawal of the dollar will also cause investor problems. Because higher exchange rate improves the revenue of US companies in the global market. The euro was $ 1,1241 per US dollar. It was the lowest since 2017. "King Dollar is back," said Valelin Marinov, professional banker of Credit Agro, French Bank. The currencies of Europe were shocking.

On the one hand, investors apply to the dollar because the federal Federal interest rate has been raised several times in the US. This makes government bonds more appealing than equities. US credit markets closed on Monday

On the New York Stock Exchange, it gained nearly 560 million shares. 970 values ​​went up, 2611 declined and 185 remained unchanged. In Nasdaq, 747 titles were sealed in two billion shares, 2342 were minus 144. US credit markets closed on Monday

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