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Asylum Dispute: Chancellor Kurse with VancouverBurg


Asylum Dispute: Chancellor Kurse with VancouverBurg

Vienna. VP Boss has been pushing for controversial attempt to flee the country. The shelter at Linz has no effect.

Asylum Dispute: Chancellor Kurse with VancouverBurg

Sebastian Kurs Picture:

Sebastian Kurs (VP) is an extraordinary revolution in tonalizing. Now the relationship between Federal Chancellor and Vorarlberg is difficult. The policemen in the country tried to kidnap a small family living in Sullsburg, Bregenzewald.

According to official law, the pregnant mother was in contact with the hospital and was undergoing treatment. The father and three-year-old son brought to Vienna. The move was brought up all over the country.

Kursk's consequences were felt in a conversation with a European citizen in Brest. There he had a number of critical questions, most notably a liberal local politician. But the chancellor behind the counter attack brought it to the interview of "Worrabberger Nurricten".

"Incredible" incident

Kurz said such an "unbelievable" incident in Sulzbourg was only in Worlobourg. This was preventing, "if people are aware of the fact that children are not separated from their mother." The Chancellor did not accept the field office at the Federal Office for Allen and Asylum Folding Field. "So that is the condition of the officials who live here." "If such a case happens again," there will be strict regulation on the part of the federation. "It was easy to criticize Vienna," but it's the Worlandbourg, "said the federal chancellor.

Governor Markus Waldner, who responded to the Sülberg case, had decided to leave the right of humanity to the state. He was responding to this criticism. The deportees have to meet the lower standards. He wanted to do "no words update" on this subject.

> Video: Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz (ÖVP) responds with a caution on the controversial deportation from the Controversial Officer of Scotland. Politics in Worlberg has become obsolete.

Wohner's Green coalition partner, Johannes Rouche Chancellor, said it was "tired". "Responding to the criticisms of citizens, and later responding to a state of zuzulatzen" silent "said the Nielos National Council Gerald Locker.

On Friday, Linus was invited by the State Refugee Authority, Rudia Anzher (Greens) in Upper Austria. Salzburg, Tyrol, Styria, and Burgenland. Home minister Herbert Kick (FP) was representative of the Caroline Eddler (VP).

The State Secretary said that countries should first vote their concerns and that the federal government is discussing it. That's not the case now. When the representatives of the country argue that the "great majority" should not be avoided by those who seek refuge, there will be more to speak of human rights and language courses. Lower Austria provincial councilor Gottfried Waldhaus (FP) voted against this stand.

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