Thursday , September 16 2021

Between the Kicks and Opposition BTV Showdown – News

Tomorrow, Home Minister Herbert Kikal and Michelle Karts, the Director General of Public Safety, are expected to meet the most attractive information providers till date. At the top, the former Survey is eagerly waiting.

Opposition: "Mastermind" Kickle behind Buttus

Opponent Kickle is considered "masterminded" in any way for the protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism, in the Federal Office for the discovery of an illegal house. SP, Neos and now have been blaming the Interior Minister for being "hostile" for a long time. The reasons for this threat can be seen mainly in the opposition of the extremist section of the BVT. Earlier people had taken people from the Environmental Kikal to their search location, but the Interior Minister protested against the discovery of a controversial house, which had given the opposition suspicion. According to opposition parties, Kikle is consciously accepting this fact that Austrian secret services suffered heavy losses of confidence among foreign partners as a result of the attack.

Kikale represented the opponent

As expected, the above governmental parties of all FPOs will oppose their view of the reasons with the presentation of these presentations. At previous occasions, Kikal is likely to point out that the whole reason in its viewpoint is just a common criminal case. The Home Minister has already stated many times in the past that, according to his opinion, there would have been further criticism (if partly the confusing character is considered as the starting point of reason for the non-investigation of the allegations of anonymity, p).

Did the job "clean up" in the Kikale Beat?

In any case, it will be thrilling to see that Kikal will face countless contradictions in which "his" secretary-general Peter Goldgrouber was involved in his inquiry before the U-Committee. In his testimony to the investigation committee, he repeatedly contradicted the public security director General Michel Cardis and lawyer Shamshitarmayar.

BAT '& # 39; Corrupt & # 39; Is like?

Later, who wrote in "Public Lawyer's Diary", Greengrubber was prosecuted by the Home Minister Kikale to clear the BAT because it was "more corrupt than ever". However, Goldberg himself refuses to make such allegations.

The question of potential assignment for the work of the investigation committee is of critical quality. Because: According to the laws of the Republic of Austria, it is not the work of the Internal Ministry to follow any criminal activity in BVAT, this work is especially in the constitutional state of the lawyer offices. Because: BAT is a subsidiary of the internal ministry, but its control is not the responsibility of the ministry, because it is clearly contradictory to the different contradictions in power.

The Director-General has to announce the suspension gridling

On the other hand, cards are expected to answer questions about the U-committee related to the situation surrounding the suspension of BV, Director Grinding, which is now being canceled, and will comment again on requests from far-right front agents to the request made by Under Secretary General GoldGrubber . ,

Justice Minister Moser comes on Wednesday

One day after Kickle and Cardidus, Justice Minister Joseph Moser and lawyer Ursula Schmandermeyer will sit in the U-Committee. US Even before the committee, Shamadmanmayer had already interrogated, however, the opponents now want to fight against gold conflicts.

Moser, in turn, according to the opposition parties, the committee mainly explains why the judiciary in Bat-Kosala is relatively slow.

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