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Bixai: Sparsistist will speak German and other languages ​​immediately


Samsung has confirmed the launch of the device

This is a big scam for users of a Galaxy S9 and Note 9: Bixby Button. You can call Samsung language assistant bikes directly through the button. However, he did not understand him two years later. The key is useful in this country, and you can not prove it on another occasion. That will soon be changed. Samsung has now confirmed the launch of Bixi's German startup.

Samsung speaks itself as a language assistant bikini.

Samsung speaks itself as a language assistant bikini. (Source: screenshot Florian K)

Samsung has announced a major update to Sound Assistant Bikes at the SDC Developer Conference in San Francisco. In the meantime, it should be available in five other languages, including German. Only the United States knows English, Korean and Chinese languages.

After the update, German, French, Italian, British English and Spanish will be supported. However, update does not have a special date Samsung. Samsung was only copied to the fictional statement "in just a few months" in the SDC.

Original message of September 7, 2018

German as a transparent BBS study. As our reader Fluorian K was discovered, he asked German helpers in the German language: Does he use German to speak "German language?": We'll soon have a lot of German conversations. Previously, the language assistant always quit the question and pointed out the supported languages ​​for the application reviewed.

A taste of IFA

German language speaker Bingx also speaks in the IFA. "class =" lazy

German language speaker Bingx also speaks in the IFA. (Source: Netsweet)

Is Bisbee's declaration the first step of Germany? It's a concept. Because the answer to IFAA and German German questions was introduced to fair marketers who are called Bixby Guides. For example, you can ask Bixby about the ARD-level program. A demo of guides from business circles, and users should give an idea of ​​assistant possibilities. Samsung has not been transferred to IFA for officialization of Bixby in the German language.

However, the German start will soon appear. XDA Developers have found the developer community in BSkyBy's secret debug settings. Samsung currently testes the following languages ​​in bisby: German, French, Spanish, Italian.

A possible announcement was made in November. South Korean manufacturer San Francisco will be hosting the November 6th, 9th, This is the time for additional language availability in Bixai.

Samsung Bixby: Voice control attempted

Until then, users should be patient. Waiting waiters can now rerun the Bixby Button on Note 9 and Galaxy S9 with a new app. Those who were not IFA have their own feelings about Bikesi's abilities. The clip is from the Galaxy S8 presentation.

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