Monday , August 2 2021

Boca Junior was attacked by bus: wounded

Before the final of the Coca-Libertadores (today) on Saturday (21.00 CET), fans of the city rival river plate attacked the Boca Juniors football team. The bus, which was used for the other leg, was stoned to stone in the river plate stadium of Buenos Aires on Saturday, and some windows were destroyed. After that, the pepper or tear gas entered the bus.

TV news channel TNA showed that Boca star striker Carlos Tavès reached the stadium with difficulty in breathing. Boca Juniors had requested that the doctors of South American Confederation will investigate the health status of the CONMEBOL team.

Some players had to undergo medical treatment. Meanwhile, it was known that Boca-kicker Pablo Perez had to be taken to the hospital with a broken glass piece in the eye, and two more players had to go to the hospital. Star player Carlos Tavaz had to vomit in the cabin, he was also caught with pepper spray.

More guest fans are not allowed in the stadium

In the second phase of the South American Champions League, 66,000 tickets have been sold to fans of the river. Since 2013, guests are not invited to the stadium due to numerous acts of violence in Argentina.

The first phase of Boca Stadium was 2: 2 (2: 1). In the crucial second phase, 2,100 police officers are on duty.

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