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Borrow Express – T.P.-Link to CES 2019: Everything Mayes

The network specializes in Wi-Fi 6 support (photo) with TP-Link "OneMash" and Deco X10.

Las Vegas / Hofime M. Tunes (OTS) – World's leading networking manufacturer TP-Link, will introduce firmware based solutions on consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. "This allows users to upgrade their current infrastructure with the latest advanced technology, with free software updates, so that they allow the same broadcast speed to take advantage of full coverage Wi-Fi network. TP-Link Deco X10 presents , Another wireless mesh network from the popular Decco range. Deco X10, Wi-Fi 6, supports the latest wireless standard, which is 1.95 gbb / s Transfer extractor promises motions.

TP-Link OneMass

With OneMesh, a powerful home network can be set flexible and cost-effective, without the exchange of existing devices or buying a new complete solution. Just update the router's firmware or add a WiFi repeater to the network *. Tip-Link will provide OneMesh for its complete line of Somay Solutions. This includes routers (WLN, XDSL, 3G / 4G), wireless repeater and powerline adapters.

RE300 WLN Repetitive

Ray 300 will be the first wireless reporter with one-to-one technology that will come in the TP-Link market. Its two bands offer approximately 1,200 MBS (transmission speed) to approximately 1,200 MBS (300 MBS on 2.4 GHz band, 867 Mbps on 5GHz bands). In conjunction with WLR router Archer C7 (Firmware Update in April), this results in a very expensive and at the same time a stable and powerful solution for nationwide WLN home network.

Deco X10

Deco X10 extends TP-Link's portfolio of complete WLN Home Networking Solutions. First of its series, Deco X10 supports the latest Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11 ax). WLN-H replaces the old AC standard and receives transmission speed up to 1.95 gb / s. In addition to significant increase in speed, Deco X10 also has continuous spread of WL-capable devices in 10 homes and provides reliable connections for more than 100 devices.

Portfolio of axis-capable products expanded

In addition to the high performance Archer AX 11000 and Archer AX 6000 Roots released last year, TP-Link also introduced two entry-level devices in this category: CES: Archer AX 1800 and Archer AX 1500. In addition, the RE705X TP-Links introduced WLN repeater before supporting the new Wi-Fi 6 standard.

The price and availability of German market will be announced on a later date.

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About TP-Link:

TP-Link is one of the world's leading manufacturers of network products and has created a name in Europe by industry experts, especially in the D-A-Seach field, efficient, less-cost products and reliable service. TP-Link Deutschland GmbH is operating in Hofime M. Tunus near Frankfurt am Main from April 2009 and the western European sales / marketing team has support for Western Europe and the Central Warehouse. Through our renowned distribution, online and retail partners, we distribute a wide range of award-winning SOHO products (WLN, DSL, Powerline, Repeater, UMTS / LTE, Print Servers, IP Cameras) and SMB Products (Switch, Router). , SFP Modules, Media Converters, Network Adapters). Supplementary business areas of growing consistency are smart homes, lifestyle (smartphones of Nefos brand) and accessories. Our ambition is to provide high quality and impressive products to a growing number of users, while competitive pricing is maintained and long-term numbers are to be made. Currently 26,000 people worldwide (up to March 2017) get jobs. In 2017, TP-Link sold approximately $ 2.2 billion worldwide. More: www.tp-link.de

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