Wednesday , June 23 2021

Bose Express – Vienna's stock market is expected to buy more premature stock / order breex

The domestic stock markets are opening up
On Thursday, VVS Vice Chairman for this
Startping the trading, the ATX number is considered
Points on the end of Wednesday (3.151,94).

In today's market participants are watching ATC one
Bandwidth is between 3,125.00 to 3,190.00. The
The AKA coordination, the major banks' ATX climate forecast, goes from one another to another
ATX has 3,183.00 points.

Today, especially for the hope of investors
Make sure the breastfeeding. There are opportunities
The UK government has increased significantly on Wednesday
The draft agreement with the European Union was approved
There was. The big barrier is still waiting. In the UK
Parliament, which acknowledges the agreement, exists in Parliament
Draft is a great resistance.

The transition to China and the US is now high
The first estimate of the two countries. So by yourself
According to the US government's circles, the claims of China were written
United States after large changes in trading practices. That's it
The Beijing government opened free of charge
Unclear. However, Chinese responses have paved the way for new ones
Discuss negotiations to end trade conflicts.

In Vienna, the number of may-Melnhoff and the post office
Attention. In the first nine months of 2018,
Mayer-Melenhoff's operating profit is 8% higher
Net profit increased 11.6 per cent. In the fourth quarter
But the continuation of high returns remains continuous
The challenge, wrote the corporation.

The Austrian Post has the first nine
In the months leading up to 2018, their bottom line consistently stabilized. when
Operating result was up 1.5%. Sales increased
It rose 0.8 per cent to € 1.416 billion.

On Wednesday, ATEX climbed 0.30 percent to touch 3,151.94
Closed points. Although a negative European
The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex gained over 300 points in early trade on Wednesday on fresh buying by funds and retail investors
Stop down.

Pamphangers jumped by 8.7 per cent to € 27.40
And so on top of the price. Laughed
The role of producers of a planned Salzburg rise
Index recording. The Palfiiger title in November 30th
Polytechnic papers are included in the MSCI Austria Index

The biggest winners in Wednesday's major markets are:

Palfier + 8.73% 27,40 Euro
Verbund + 4,60% euro 40.44
EVN + 3.96% 15.22 Euros

The biggest market loss on Wednesday

Scholeller-Blakeman-4.87% 70,30 Euros
AT & S-4.20% 18.70 Euros
AMAG -2.57% euro

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