Saturday , January 23 2021

Bourse Express – Oman: Profit Taken! Will be the next opportunity!

We did send these trading tips to the Express service subscribers until it was not until the second January evening. Already on January 4th, the first quote was increased and on the 7th and the 8th of January there was an increase in the prices. Good stock market tips are just a matter of time. The headquarters of this article read: "Oman: Now there is a decision on the benefits of spirit! Look!" We were in the article. a. "In the context of the expanding electric and hybrid drives, the company should have a positive future." After the start of the stock market with a price of 42.00 euros in 2017, there was strong price rise, which reached 95.48 euros in October. Since then, Oman has a tendency toward the bottom, Which is also suggested under the 28 euro mark in December. There was a reaction and when there was talk of a breakout on the resistance Then, the benefits of beautiful pricing are possible, which can spice up with the right lever. "

In a statement given to the subscribers on January 2, we identified the entry price as the target price of 34.00 euros and the lever certificate was proposed, at the time it could increase 7.33 times the profit. Our price target had increased from 9 January to 70 cents and those who paid attention were able to increase the heavy price. After that, the Downward movement was held, which stopped at 30.75 euros on January 14. After this low, the bulls showed resistance and the smallest uptrend could continue. If the stock above the resistance of 35.00 euros is raised significantly then it should be the basis for a higher price advantage.

You can see that subscribing to the Ramas Express service is right. If you want to develop from a trader to a trader and make profits with short holding time, you will always get new trading ideas free with the express service. If you do not have a daily time to worry about the stock market, you can choose Rumas trading tips that appear every Sunday.

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